Tomorrow night I will attend my first meeting as one of the newest advisory board members of Mobile Monday Mid-Atlantic (MoMoMa). I’ve been a long-time proponent (and fanboy) of the global Mobile Monday movement, so it is an honor to work even closer with such a great organization.

For those who aren’t familiar with Mobile Monday, it is a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influentials whose goal is to foster innovation and facilitate networking across the mobile ecosystem. I got my first taste of Mobile Monday when I participated in its 10th anniversary summit in Helsinki, Finland, and Tallinn, Estonia, which is where I met Mobile Monday’s chairman, Jari Tammisto, and Tokyo kingpin, Lars CoshIshii. Following Helsinki, I was invited to moderate a panel on mobile developer ecosystems co-hosted by MoMoMa and RCR Wireless.

Mobile Monday Mid-Atlantic was founded in 2007 and has grown to more than 2,000 members — making it one of the fastest growing technology networking and educational organizations in the Greater Philadelphia region.  According to the 2011 Philadelphia Business Journal, we are the 7th largest regional networking group.

If you are involved in the mobile industry and are interested in what’s going on in the greater-Philadelphia community, give me a shout.


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