On “getting press” and metrics

Getting “press,” as this job ad I saw on HackerNews claims to want, is more than measurement. It’s about relationships, news, an eye for tying a company’s story into wider trends, and having an experienced gut feel for when a story is worthy of press and when it’s better suited for some other type of marketing channel. It’s a long game made up of moves that often go unseen because they aren’t on a plan or directly and tactically measurable.

So, please startups, if you are hiring for PR or searching for an agency to help with your marketing efforts, dig deep to understand what exactly you want them to do..and why. Not doing so wastes your time, wastes theirs and, worse, wastes the media’s.

By all means, measure what you can. But recognize the value of the unseen that makes the measurable possible.

By Mike

Comms Exec. Ex-Calvin Klein underwear model. Photographer. Hey, 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

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