Monktoberfest: It’s about the humans

I should be in Portland, Maine, this week. Like I have been every October for the past nine years. I should have been on a boat in the middle of Casco Bay last night watching the sun set over the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. I should have been gathering with friends old and new at Honey Paw and Novare Res for amazing food and drink.

I should be at Monktoberfest.

But Covid.

America’s sad, disheartening, and infuriating lack of response to this global pandemic wiped out every event on the calendar. Some will come back. Monktoberfest will be one of them. Of that I am confident. Because it has to. It serves a vital role as a spark for important discussions by smarter people than me on tough, raw issues that the technology industry — and society itself — seeks better understanding.

I’ve been lucky, privileged, and honored to attend Monktoberfest each year. While I didn’t intentionally set out to chronicle its evolution, I inevitably seemed to always have a camera with me. Shocker, I know. So, with a few extra minutes of time on my hands last night that should have been spent making bad late night decisions over ridiculously good craft beer in a dark bar, I instead whipped up a little slideshow of a few of the images I captured during my annual sojourns to Portland. I hope you enjoy them.

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