Last week, I had the pleasure of being the opening keynote speaker at the second annual Social Media Business Life Conference produced by Chuck Hall. I’m usually the guy writing speeches for others, so it was an interesting role reversal to be the guy in front of the audience for a change. Chuck does a […] This is a presentation I gave at the 2011 Social Media Summit hosted at Marquette University. I used the presentation to illustrate the changes in the disciplines of marketing, PR and analyst relations, as well as provide new rules on how those functions must work today and in the future.

Late last week I commented on an online story by B.L. Ochman that was running on BusinessWeek’s web site. B.L.’s post, “Debunkiing Six Social Media Myths,” is a good read and incited nearly 100 comments. Out of that 100 — correction, out of all of the comments on BusinessWeek — my comment was chosen as […]

Image via WikipediaFor those who still think what happens on blogs, Twitter and other social media networks is nothing more than a marketing echo chamber, think again. I posted an entry to this blog yesterday that included links to the great online video work Ford and GM are doing. I also included a line about […]