A Windy Day At Whole Foods

Renuka Rayasam at the Austin-American Statesman is reporting today that Whole Foods Market is switching to all wind power in the U.S..

I don’t know enough about the economics of the wind-powered energy industry to determine the economic benefits of Whole Foods’ decision, but my 14 years of PR experience tell me that this is a great PR decision (and I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that the company’s PR team was at the table when the debate about the merits of moving to a wind-powered infrastructure were discussed).

I don’t follow the supermarket wars as a matter of my day-to-day news reading (apparently there is a huge battle going on). But I do have a few cooking/luxury blogs loaded in my RSS reader. Whole Foods seems to get consistent buzz as the good guy (read: good customer and community citizen) in a lot of the posts. Whether that’s for the natural products they carry, their purchasing ethics, or something else, I don’t know. I just know that from a PR perspective, Whole Foods seems to be doing a lot right lately.

Their competition should start paying closer attention if they aren’t already — before they get the wind knocked out of their sales.

One response to “A Windy Day At Whole Foods”

  1. The Chronic Curmudgeon Avatar
    The Chronic Curmudgeon

    Despite that groaner of a pun at the end, I’m glad you did this post — I hadn’t heard of this story.

    While I’m still at the point where convenience dictates my grocery shopping choices (there’s a Super Stop & Shop practically across the street), something like this might change my mind. If there’s a Whole Foods in my area, they might just have won a new shopper.


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